MARDI GRAS! They be paradin' and second linin' in the streets and barbecuein' in the sun way down yonder in the birthplace of Blues, Jazz and Funk: New Orleans.

For those of y'all unable to visit NOLA or unwilling to wait 'til February, the next best thang is close-by and easy to find.

Honing their craft for years at the Amsterdam underground party phenomenon "Gumbo Night" and with many a gig under their belt accompanying the likes of Kris Berry, Michelle David and Ruben Hein; now they finally ready to cook up their own unique Gumbo of Rhythm & Blues.

With GUMBEAUX as your tourguides, there be Mardi Gras any time, anywhere!


Who in dat GUMBEAUX?

Coos Zwagerman on the horns and vocalizin'

Jetse de Jong the "piano professor"

Jet Stevens scrolling the Ampeg-bass

Stefan Franssen on the skins